[GRASS5] GRASS branching

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Tue May 30 11:14:43 EDT 2000

Hi John,

thanks for your notes (and patience!).

To summarize below:

I just go ahead and start tagging selected modules
as stable (as I already tagged the earlier releases)? 
Of course the entire libraries have to be tagged stable,
otherwise it won't compile.

Related question: I have modified the src/CMD/generic/GISGEN.sh
to ignore errors/missing modules. Then I would not have to
maintain two versions of src/CMD/lists/GRASS.
Shall I apply this? It might be of general interest as
the compilation won't stop any more in case of errors.
A file "error.log" is written containing the module's name
not compiled.

On Tue, May 30, 2000 at 07:56:32AM -0600, John Huddleston wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > concerning GRASS branches I would like to
> > 
> >  - keep the main tree as experimental (HEAD = default trunk as now,
> >    all modules have "exp" tag currently)
> >  - create stable branch from this tree by branch tagging
> No branch tag, just a normal tag will suffice.   The branch
> tag is a spacial form of the tag that allows a merge at a later
> time.  Since in this case, we do not want to change the past,
> put a TAG on the main (much like you did with xgrass).
Fine, this will simplify again the procedure.
In case a module is not stable although tagged stable, I guess
I can remove the tag (o.k., RTFM). I will update the stable
list and hope for your comments:


> Again, a branch tag is necessary when two programmers 
> are modifying the same code and one is changing the 
> "external"  features of the code (changing the RETURN code
> of 0 or 1, or the number or type of arguments, or changing the
> name of the function, subroutine, method, or class.)   In this 
> way the developer can continue to use versioning but it 
> will not impact other developers until a merge is executed.
So developers may open their "private" branches and merge
later. Correct?

> > Questions:
> >  - If applying a branch "stable" tag, does such a tagged module
> >    disappear from the main (experimental) trunk?
> >
> No, all files that are tagged are still in the repository.  Only
> the cvs remove puts files into the Attic directory and the
> disappear from the HEAD branch.
Of course. I was regarding "no been checked out" as "dissappearing".
Means: If I tag a module as stable, do I get it as well when
checking out the experimental trunk?

Kind regards


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