[GRASS5] Re: patch and CELL questions

Carl Anderson candrsn at mindspring.com
Fri May 26 13:37:11 EDT 2000

User for GRASS wrote:

> CELL drivers created D_cell images and XDRIVER drivers displayed these on a
> 6bit screen.
> Screenshot is available from

I want to re-create your visuals so I can see is if it is a palette or

4CELL4X.gif	has 36 colors
4CELL5X.gif	has 30 colors

The only 6 bit screen I can think of is a TrueColor visual with less
than a 24 bit depth display (8 or 16 depth), giving 6 bits per color
of the 8 bits per color component GRASS expects.

The lightness/darkness can easily be from a 6 bit RAMDAC on your Video
Card when a 8 bit RAMDAC is expected.

But perhaps you mean a 16 bit display depth ( 16 depth )?

What is the visual class of the XDRIVER monitor?
xwininfo (/usr/X11R6/bin/xwininfo) can tell you.

While you are at it, can you send the output from xdpyinfo as well.

The colormap entries changed between GRASS4 and GRASS5.  If you convert
the colr file the B/W to color stuff goes away.

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