[GRASS5] CVS changes

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Mon May 22 12:15:16 EDT 2000

Dear developers,

a small announcement from here: I have uploaded
some new modules into GRASS 5 and changed some

- src/raster/r.in.dem (written by Eric Buddington 1996)

- src/raster/wildfire (written by Jianping Xu 1995)
    - r.ros
    - r.spread
    - r.spreadpath
   -> compiles and working (on Linux). Try the nice firedemo.sh
      with included demolocation

- src/r.tiff added (LZW support removed in r.out.tiff, r.in.tiff
  is based on libtiff)

- src/mapdev/v.out.shape
    - local shapelib removed, 
    - new shapelib-1.2.8 uploaded to

- src/mapdev/v.timestamp added

- tcltkgrass/modules/v.in.shape (written by David Gray)

- and finally some interesting news from Radim Blazek,
  but he will post himself :-) See from updating your CVS!

to get the new directories added, use
cvs update -d

(John, hope it's correct!)

Many, many thanks to the contributors for all their work!

Best wishes


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