[GRASS5] tcltkgrass

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Mon May 15 09:52:55 EDT 2000

On Fri, May 12, 2000 at 04:58:02PM +0200, Andreas Lange wrote:
> Hi,
> i did some minor work on tcltkgrass, i send a diff to Markus. 
Hi Andreas, hi all,

below patches are uploaded to CVS now. Your improvements are 
working fine!

> In overview:
> i added macro-recording. You can now save all interactivly executed
> commands to a shell script and re-run or edit this script later. This
> has certain limitations as only the commands and their command line
> arguments are saved, so interactive commands like v.digit and many
> others can not be replayed. No checks are done for running monitors etc.
> html-browser support:
> you can view the html-manpages in an external browser (netscape). I had
> to add another key-binding (Ctrl-button2) to the "Run" button in the
> menues. This works for locally stored files as well as with a intranet
> web server or on the www. Works with all browsers that support the
> "-remote openURL()" command (at least with netscape). 
> some minor things:
> xfig needed space (changed from xfig& to xfig &)
> removed editing from help-windows, so you can not delete or edit this
> text. Added binding to Return to close help-window. 
> What are the future plans for tcltkgrass? How will the splitting of
> GRASS be accomplished to tcltkgrass? Are there currently any other plans
> for a GUI?
Discussion is ongoing... :-)

> What is this "superview" stuff?
As far as I know the "superview" was working once. Jacques Bouchard
already spent time on it, but it was not working (yet).
I guess it is a sort of workbench or a GUI similar to
ARCView. (activate maps on left border etc.)

> What is up with this r_mapcalc.tcl module?
I have written it once with vtcl. Due to my limited tcl knowledge
it is waiting for further integration into tcltkgrass.

You can run it stand-alone to see what it is doing: It is
a graphical calculator for r.mapcalc. I thought it would be
nice to have it in tcltkgrass once.

You are invited to integrate it (I don't know how). What's
missing: I would like to have the raster maps in a clickable window
(like already existing in tcltkgrass). A raw window is already there.
So the tool needs to be married with tcltkgrass.

> Do you think that a Tcl/Tk-log-in facility for GRASS would be nice?
It would be shurely a more friendly welcome to GRASS (perhaps
including the logo?). Nowadays it is difficult to teach students
to enter "list" to get a list of existing locations etc. A
graphical entry is more usual. If keeping the standard entry,
everybody will be happy.

Best wishes


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