[GRASS5] Digitizer drivers in v.digit

John Huddleston jhudd at itc.nrcs.usda.gov
Thu May 11 16:08:42 EDT 2000


Well, I suspect that since most of the GRASS folks are new to
CVS these messages are helpful.   This should close this
subject line.
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Subject: Re: [GRASS5] Digitizer drivers in v.digit
> Ok. So I should not perform two steps at the same time...
> On the v.digit stuff:
> Do I have to apply further changes or is it o.k.?
> This isn't clear for me yet (excuse me, sometimes I am pretty
> slow). -> Perhaps personal mail not to bother the others...

I happened to have the original files here locally so I did:

grep main.c CVS/Entries
grep bin_digit.c CVS/Entries

and both files displayed as version
Next, I performed the following update

cvs update -A main.c bin_digit.c

The main.c was updated to version 1.3 and the bin_digit.c
was removed from my local directory.  Looks like this 
is what you wanted to do based on the emails.

John Huddleston

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