[GRASS5] Re: compiling grass5.0beta7 on SGI IRIX

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Fri May 5 11:19:30 EDT 2000

Hi Andreas,

many thanks for your useful comments!

On Thu, May 04, 2000 at 11:45:16PM +0200, Andreas Lange wrote:
> Hi,
> i post here a lengthy description of what i expirienced compiling GRASS
> 5.0beta7 on SGI IRIX 6.2 with egcs 2.91.66.
> The compiling process in detail:
> src/mapdev/v.geom:
> Unresolved text symbol "mallopt" .. libbasic.a(malloc.o).
On SuSe 6.3 I found:
/usr/include/malloc.h:extern int mallopt __MALLOC_P ((int __param, int __val)); 

Here is seems to be defined. No idea for you, sorry.

> patch to Gmakefile (add ifdef for IRIX)
Mhh, once we had such ifdefs in Gmakefile. But they caused
problems on several machines.

> and patch to src/libes/geom/basic/malloc.c (not required!)
> The code in malloc.c (mallopt function) is not strictly required, 
> it uses a feature of IRIX for debugging memory problems with malloc, 
> which is only useable if you compile the library with the DEBUG flag, 
> which will cause heavy performance penalties. 
What do you suggest for me?

> This is a total mess:
> We should define a $(PNGINC) and $(PNGLIB) in the main header file
> and with the autoconf-system. 
I have added it. Currently hard-coded, this needs to be finished
in "configure".

> The Gmakefile for r.in.png does not use the header and library paths,
> only uses EXTRA_CFLAGS to include -I/usr/X11R6/include/
> Please correct this to a platform independed system!
I added $(PNGLIB) to the CC line.
> next problem is the double include of <math.h> in r.in.png.c.

> Alex Shevlakov should revise the #include directives in 
> r.in.png and r.out.png:
> #ifndef _MYINCLUDE_H
> #define _MYINCLUDE_H
> /* header stuff follows here */
> #endif /* _MYINCLUDE_H */

> r.out.png does not compile, same as above.

> src.contrib/GMSL/g3d/src3d/raster/r3.mkdspf
> unresolved text symbol "floor", "ceil", "log" etc.
> that means IMHO that $(MATHLIB) is missing in Gmakefile!
> But this $(MATHLIB) is needed at compiling of the libraries for
> g3d, i was not able to spot where to put the $(MAHTLIB) directive
> in a Gmakefile. ?
This is not possible in a lib. So I added in main.c:

#include <math.h>

Does this help for you?

> src.contrib/CERL/raster/r.water.fea/src/programs/channelfea
> unresolved text symbol "log" -- 1st referenced by
> ...libgis.a(put_row.o).
I corrected in main.c:
# include <math.h>
#include <math.h>

Maybe this helps?

> src.contrib/PURDUE/d.linegraph
> unresolved text symbol "log" -- 1st referenced by .. libgis.a(put_row.o)
I added in linegraph.c

#include <math.h>

> NVIZ2.2
> libraries are in /usr/freeware/lib32
> headers are (mainly) in /usr/freeware/include
> ./configure works if you know the locations of libraries.
I added these paths to the search path in NVIZ2.2/configure

Thanks for your comments,


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