[GRASS5] Re: [GRASSLIST:2310] Re: Fixing non-edge-matched DEMs (fwd)

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Wed Aug 8 09:22:15 EDT 2001

  I tried to find this bug report in bug-tracker and remove it, but someone
beat me to it. Thanks.


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> Maybe having a long day?  Try using "output" instead of "ouput" ;)

  Yes, actually. A very long day. Thank you.

> Note:  This is a shell script that only recognizes abbreviations:
>    input  ::= { "i" | "in"  | "input"  }
>    output ::= { "o" | "out" | "output" }

  I had tried "ou" at first, but that wasn't acceptable. I'll try again in a
few minutes.

  Long ago and far away, at the University of Illinois in 1973, I had a bug
in a FORTRAN program I could not find for a week (reading output on
green-barred paper, of course). The output was one of four results, but I
could not predict which one of the four; none of them was the correct
output. I finally took copies of runs down to the computer center help desk
and asked the gurus there to look for it. They spent two days at it without
finding the cause.

  Then, suddenly, the error became visible: in a FOR loop, I had
inadvertently type a 'I' (eye) rather than a '1' (one). So the loop read,
FOR I = I to 100 and the results depended on the initial value of I. Because
we all knew the format of a FOR statement in FORTRAN, we saw only what we
expected to see, not what was really there.

  My point is that by last evening, I didn't see the typo, even when I
retyped it myself each of a half-dozen times.

Mea culpa! And thanks for pointing it out to me.


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