[GRASS5] CVS question

Roger S. Miller rgrmill at rt66.com
Wed Aug 8 23:04:36 EDT 2001


I'm trying to get a working installation of the GRASS CVS tree, but I
have a problem.  I'm sure this is simple ignorance on my part.

My aim was to look at the problems that Andreas Lange pointed out in
r.drain.  I downloaded the source tree through anonymous CVS.  When the
download was done I found that the code it contained for r.drain was the
old code rather than my newer version.  So I visited the CVS tree
through HTML and found that the new code was all "in the attic".

Just were is "the attic?"  Did I download it with the original download
and simply fail to find it, or is there some special switch (more
special than included in "cvs -z3 co grass") that I need to set to
download files in the attic along with the rest of the files?

Roger Miller

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