[GRASS5] TODOs for 5.0.0

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Thu Aug 9 04:42:43 EDT 2001

> So, what's remaining to do for 5.0.0?
> Starting a list:
>  - GDAL changes need to go into release_branch
>  - NVIZ crashes on Redhat 7.1 (even I cannot use it any more :-((  )
>  - what else?

one more:
- the src/libes/gmath/ contains routines to replace the
  "Numerical Receipes in C" functions. The "NR" use for GRASS is
  granted, but it is not GPL compliant.
  I have already been moving this numerical code from the individual modules
  to src/libes/gmath/ to assemple same functionality in one place. Glynn has
  been extending it. However, at time added new code to replace the NR
  functions is not used yet, but still the "old" NR functions are in use.
  This is the last GPL limitation in GRASS, eventually todo for 5.0.0?!


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