[GRASS5] Re: NVIZ crashes

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Mon Aug 13 12:26:26 EDT 2001

Markus Neteler wrote:

> Hi all NVIZ lovers,
> an update on Redhat7.1/Nviz crashes:
> It seems to be related to Xfree86. I have a Matrox G450 card
> running and Xfree 4.0.3 with DRI activated (= nviz crashes
> the server).
> After disabling DRI (direct rendering) it works fine...
> In case of this problems, check your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4
> and disable
> #       Load "dri"
> #       Load  "glx"
> restart the Xserver and try agin NVIZ.

but then I am getting the following
is there anything else that I need to do? I have NVIDIA and it needs
the glx. But these are things that I absolutely don't know anything

Adding panels from /usr/local/grass5/etc/nviz2.2/scripts
toplevel made
Error in startup script: Togl: X server has no OpenGL GLX extension
    while executing
"togl $BASE.canvas -rgba true -double true -depth true "
    (procedure "Nv_makeGUI" line 24)
    invoked from within
"Nv_makeGUI .top"
    (file "/usr/local/grass5/etc/nviz2.2/scripts/nviz2.2_script" line
child process exited abnormally
    while executing
"exec /usr/local/grass5/etc/nviz2.2/NVWISH2.2 -f
/usr/local/grass5/etc/nviz2.2/scripts/nviz2.2_script -q -name NVIZ
    ("eval" body line 1)
    invoked from within
"eval exec $env(GISBASE)/etc/nviz2.2/NVWISH2.2 -f
$env(GISBASE)/etc/nviz2.2/scripts/nviz2.2_script $argv -name NVIZ
    invoked from within
"if {$argv == ""} {
#no arguments
eval exec $env(GISBASE)/etc/nviz2.2/NVWISH2.2 -f
$env(GISBASE)/etc/nviz2.2/scripts/nviz2.2_script -name NVIZ >&@stdo..."
    (file "/usr/local/grass5/bin/nviz" line 13)

> But... starting
>  nviz dem
> and
>  nviz -q dem
> leads to different values for zexxag...

that is correct, you are not supposed to put anything after nviz -q : it
is for opening nviz
without any input and uses different initial setting than if you give it
a file (without -q) -
then it computes the initial settings from your data. I actually use
nviz -q more often
because the tuning of viewing parameters works better than when they are
from the data (but this is an old issue related to the differences
between SG3d and nviz controls)

> Anyway, NVIZ seems to work again.

not yet for me,


> Markus
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