[GRASS5] configure again

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Fri Aug 31 19:14:18 EDT 2001

Andreas Lange wrote:

> i just updated the CVS (are the problems officially solved now?) and
> tried to recompile on Linux (before i start compiling on
> cygwin/Windows).
> But i noticed that configure does not set the PostgreSQL and PNG paths
> at all.
> PQINCPATH, PQLIB, the PNG include and PNG lib lines are all empty in the
> header file.

It's OK for "path" variables (e.g. PQINCPATH, PQLIBPATH) to be empty
if the corresponding header/library is in a standard directory (i.e. 
can be found without any -L/-I switches).

However, the actual "lib" variables (e.g. PQLIB) generally need a
value. The absence of one indicates that "configure" failed to link a
test program. This can be because the library isn't present, or
because the compiler isn't looking in the right directory, or because
the library has a dependency which configure hasn't allowed for.

> Therefore src.garden/grass.postgres and the PNGdriver are not compiled.
> Nothing else changed since the last successful compilation of GRASS on
> my system. 

How long ago was that?

> Before i delve into the details of configure, is this a known problem
> and someone alreday working on it?

As of a couple of weeks ago, configure no longer adds -I or -L
switches of its own accord. Without arguments, headers/libraries will
only be found if they are in a directory which the compiler/linker
searches automatically.

You can force particular headers/libraries to be looked for in
particular directories using the --with-foo-includes= and
--with-foo-libs= switches, where foo is one of zlib, jpeg, tiff, png,
gd, tcltk, postgres, opengl, odbc, fftw, blas, lapack.

You can force directories to be searched for all headers/libraries
using the --with-includes= and --with-libs= switches.

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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