[GRASS5] Re: follow-up nviz defaults

Bob Covill bcovill at tekmap.ns.ca
Mon Dec 3 09:06:56 EST 2001

Kevin Slover wrote:
> Bob and Helena,
>     Was looking at the problem that I was experiencing with the
> default setting of which surface to display vectors on in nviz.  I
> have resolved the issue as best as I can...I am not sure if this wants
> to be added to the CVS list (hopefully not, since I don't know how to
> do it..), but it is a simple fix...
> go to $grass/etc/nviz2.2/scripts and look for the widgets.tcl file.
> Under this, you will find the call procedure:
> nv_mksurfacelist (line 423).  This is where the building of the
> surface files list takes place.  A few lines down, they set the
> defaults with:
> #Auto-enable all surfaces for drawing
>             $P.$j select
>             auto_enable_data $i $type
> I have placed pound marks in front of the last two lines, which
> works.  Helena, know you were having problems with this, so helpfully
> this helps.
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The good news is that your fix seems to work. The only side-effect of
removing the auto-select lines is that if you load vectors from the
command line they will not be automatically drawn on any surfaces. For
nviz e=dem v=contours
will draw the raster but not the vector.

The bad news is that in testing the fix I uncovered more problems with
the vector drawing routines. The problem I discovered was if you select
more than one vector and try and draw them on different surfaces (ie.
one vector on one surface and one vector on another). What I found was
that the second vector selected drew on both surfaces, not just the
surface that it was selected to draw on.  This may be a TCL error or and
internal nviz error.

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