[GRASS5] Re: v.out.e00

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Tue Dec 18 13:55:10 EST 2001

Eric G. Miller wrote:

> > Please have a look at
> > documents/debugging.txt
> > in the source code. It tells you how to debug with GDB. I assume that
> > you have been trying to debug
> > $GISBASE/bin/module
> > which is only a hard-link to front-end. The real binary which is
> > happily accepted by a debugger lives in
> > $GISBASE/etc/bin/cmd/module
> > 
> > Of course "-g" is required (and no "-s").
> If documents/debugging.txt doesn't help, let me know... The trick is to
> compile the module without the "-s" flag and probably without any
> optimizations as well.  Then run the debugger from a terminal where a
> GRASS session is running (to get the environment).  Works fine...

The "-s" switch should no longer be added to LDFLAGS automatically. 
Anyone preparing binary distributions should probably run "strip" on
the resulting executables, or use "LDFLAGS=-s ./configure ...".

The "-g" switch will be added to COMPILE_FLAGS automatically if the
compiler is known to support it, unless CFLAGS was pre-defined by the

Also, "-O2" will be added automatically for GCC, unless CFLAGS was
pre-defined by the user. This is undesirable for debugging, so I'd
recommend using "CFLAGS=-g ./configure ...".

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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