[GRASS5] [bug #875] (grass) v.reclass does nothing...

Markus Neteler via RT grass-bugs at intevation.de
Wed Dec 19 10:40:55 EST 2001

Hi Eric,

I tried again today, but v.reclass still produces in=out results.
The same procedure works well with raster maps (using Spearfish,
note that I am *not* in PERMANENT mapset):

cat fields.recl
1 thru 62 = 1 private
63        = 2 Black Hills Natl. Forest

cat fields.recl | r.reclass fields  out=fields.recl
d.rast fields
d.rast fields.recl
-> result is fine

cat fields.recl | v.reclass fields type=area out=fields.recl
v.support fields.recl
d.area -f fields
d.area -f fields.recl
-> result is identical - oops.

Is it possible for you to try my example? Would be great...



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