[GRASS5] How to register map

kapil tandon grass_team at rediffmail.com
Thu Dec 20 01:21:46 EST 2001

Hi Everybody,
             Well i am kapil tandon and i am new to grass
i had worked a bit over it and i am stuck when you have to digitize a big map

Well My Prob Is

Prob1.I am trying to open a parts of big map scanned seperately.Though i am able to open them as a backdrop and digitize over them but when i view them all they overlap.I know this is because my backdrop maps were not registered.Even if u use v.digit it give u the facility to register ur map but only when u r using a digitizer as a degitizing device, i am using mouse. So that option is not available for me.

a) How can we register map when we use mouse as digitizing device.

b) Can i open more then one backdrop adjacent to each other by using d.rast if yes how.It open but overlap but i want them to open adjacent to each other.Same prob is with vector files also
|       |        |
|       |        |
|  A1   |  A2    |
|       |        |
|       |        | 
i hope my question is clear
please find a answere for me i ll be really thankful

Kapil Tandon


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