[GRASS5] [bug #880] (grass) Can't start monitor on latest cvs (19/12/2001)

Andreas Lange Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de
Thu Dec 20 12:45:17 EST 2001

Hi Andrea,

Andrea Aime wrote:
> I can find the /tmp/grass-$USER and it has full permissions
> for my user, but there are no files in it... d.mon raises
> an error before creating these files... what does "Could not execute
> monitor: No such file or directory" means?

could you test if there is an executable file $GISBASE/driver/XDRIVER ?
If this is missing the driver is not built or installed. 
Or look into the file $GISBASE/etc/monitorcap, there should be an entry
for each x monitor in the form:
x0:driver/XDRIVER:X-windows graphics display:/pathtograss/dev/fifo.1a
/pathtograss/dev/fifo.1b::any terminal

Did you use 'make install' to install grass? Do you run from the
dist.... directory?

There must be something obvious wrong, it still works over here...

What strikes me too:
I am able to do:
./configure --with-postgres-includes=/usr/include/pgsql,
no need to disable blas, lapack, motif, freetype. 
Are you sure that you are using the latest sources?
Try rm conf* and update via cvs.


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