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Alex Shevlakov sixote at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 25 07:27:16 EST 2001

You can check the R-G-B combinations for the grass
image colors in file "image_name" in the directory

the first field is cat number
the other three are r-g-b

--- Victor Vanni <v.o.vanni.s00 at cranfield.ac.uk>
>  Hello
> I am trying to apply a contrast stretch to an image
> (linear). The r.rescale
> facility simply changes the category values to 1-255
> without actually
> applying the stretch. Also, the image is an export
> from Erdas Imagine and
> the disply is different such that the display colors
> are disimilar. I get
> the impression that the color file may have
> something to do with this. How
> do I make sure the color remains the same between
> the 2 software?
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