[GRASS5] v.digit problems

Bob Covill bcovill at tekmap.ns.ca
Thu Feb 22 15:36:48 EST 2001

Markus Neteler wrote:

> Bob,
> yes, that's a result due to the new pan method (Huidae will know more).
> On fast machines (or accelerated video cards), you are not aware of
> this. However, on a slower machine it might become annoying. I guess
> it can be switched of with an env variable (flag).
> All GRASS variables are listed in
> documents/envVars.txt
> (thanks to Justin). We should add explanations to the list and eliminate
> the unused vars there.
> The file with above definition of the menu flicker is here (I think so):
> src/mapdev/v.digit/slid_window.c
> and/or: window.c
> I suggest to make the auto-pan method optional in a v.digit menu and/or
> to be set with GRASS_AUTO_PAN=0/1
> Markus


The environment variables seem to have no affect on the "flashing menus". I took a
look in the code and the cuplrit seems to be the "_Clear_base ()" call inside a while
loop. In digitize.c on line 240 ...
"while(yes_no = mouse_yes_no_zoom ( ....)' the mouse_yes_no_zoom function uses the
_Clear_base() routine which I believe clears the screen until mouse input is received.

If I remove the _Clear_base () from the mouse_yes_no_zoom function in mouse_yn.c and
place it outside the while loop in digitize.c the problem is cleared up.  It would
appear that the function is continually clearing the window when inside the while
loop. There are a couple of other locations where where this Clearing is an issue.

If you want I forward the modified files with the problem corrected to see if it
functions correctly in other environments.

Bob Covill

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