[GRASS5] v.digit problems

Bob Covill bcovill at tekmap.ns.ca
Thu Feb 22 11:25:18 EST 2001

Markus Neteler wrote:

> Bob,

> Huidae has implemented them to improve the usage of v.digit (my wish).
> It's related to zoom/pan. Now you can zoom/pan while digitizing without
> stopping to digitize. At least here it works quite nice.
> Probably the GRASS_PAN_THRESHOLD is too high (I think the deafault should
> be less) so that the background image moves too quickly away if reaching the
> borders of the current map region.
> > If it is a cursres problem would it show up in other menus? If so which ones?
> curses are used in g.help as well.
> Markus


I have checked g.help and it seems to work fine.

The problems with v.digit seem to only relate to the digitize menu and the pan
menu. Other  zoom functions, etc, still seem to work fine.

When I activate digitize (space-bar) the Begin Digitize menu begins flashing. It
is only the menu button options that are flashing, as if the cursor is cycling
throught the menu.  The effect is not as dramatic with the pan menu, but cursors
can be seen flashing at the left and right side of the menu.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Bob Covill

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