[GRASS5] v.digit problems

Bob Covill bcovill at tekmap.ns.ca
Wed Feb 21 19:42:26 EST 2001


I have been using v.digit under with my latest build on Solaris. I am using
v.digit with no digitizer (none) and the new osckets monitor.

Everything starts fine and seems to work. The first problem that I have is the
"Begin digitizing" menu flashes until it receives input from the monitor.

After doing some digititizing and saving some segments I am suddenely unable to
save any work. I will digitize a line, select "Quit" to stop digitizing and I am
not prompted to save the line. Instead I am dumped back to the digitizer menu
without the work saved.

Is this a digitizer problem (v.digit) or is it possibly related to the new
sockets window? I am using beta11 downloaded from CVS late last week.

Any help would be appreciated.
Bob Covill

Tekmap Consulting
P.O. Box 2016
Fall River, N.S.
B2T 1K6

E-Mail: bcovill at tekmap.ns.ca
Phone: 902-860-1496
Fax: 902-860-1498

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