[GRASS5] February 19, 2001 Cygwin build

Justin Hickey jhickey at hpcc.nectec.or.th
Tue Feb 20 04:27:30 EST 2001

Hi John

John Huddleston wrote:
> I tried the tcltkgrass and the $window number is not
> defined.   It fails on line 1158 of gui.tcl;  can anyone
> give me some insight as to why it fails?

It may have something to do with the "xlsclients -l". The $window
variable is set from the output of this command. On my SGI it looks like

Window 0x340007a:
  Machine:  impact1
  Name:  plan
  Icon Name:   4:22p
  Command:  plan
  Instance/Class:  plan/Plan
Window 0x140000d:
''  Name:  pch

  Icon Name:  pch
  Command:  gr_osview -N 'jhickey at pch' -D
  Instance/Class:  pch/Pch
Window 0x680000d:
''  Name:  gr_osview
  Icon Name:  gr_osview
  Command:  gr_osview -D /usr/people/jhickey/.grosview.imp
  Instance/Class:  gr_osview/Gr_osview

And so on for each window. The $window variable uses the lines that
start with "Window". I'm not sure if this command exists in Cygwin or
not. Maybe there is another alternative method to find the window id,
not sure though.

Sorry I couldn't be of better help.


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