[GRASS5] r.cva port to GRASS5

Helena hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Sat Feb 17 13:50:33 EST 2001

>Please let me know if you
>find this module useful so that I can judge whether it is worth
revising the code for GRASS 5.0.

Mark your port of r.cva to GRASS5 will be appreciated by many users,
including myself,
it is well worth the effort!

Helena Mitasova

>Markus neteler writes: Nico Tripcevich of UC Santa Barbara Anthropology
wrote to me privately:
>Anyway, I'm writing you because I'm going to try to use GRASS for an
> >archaeology project I'm doing in Peru and I just read about your
> >port to MacOS X. I expect to try something similar in the next few
> >Alternately I might try it under Linux, depending on how big of a job
> >turns into. The procedure I want to use (r.cva) is written for Grass
4.3 and
> >it's not clear there is a v5.0 in the works, so I may be trying to
build 4.3
> >under OS X.

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