[GRASS5] On X, BackingStore and repainting windows...

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Tue Feb 13 10:44:11 EST 2001

Hi Eric,

On Mon, Feb 12, 2001 at 10:37:56PM -0800, Eric G . Miller wrote:
> Okay, this repainting of the graphics display continues to be a problem.
> While, the changes I've made to SWITCHER.c (sockets variant), allows the
> code to handle repaints in many situations, there is still a case where
> the driver gets blocked in a read.  This shows up with long running
> display programs like d.3d, d.profile, etc... Problem is, the way
> SWITCHER.c is organized, there doesn't seem to be anyway to exit from
> the read1() function without the rest of the code expecting either more
> data to process or an end of file.  What we really want it to do is --
> timeout, go process Xevents, try to read some data, if we really do have
> an end of file -- then handle that, otherwise repeat the above.  There
> are several places where read1 is called, and they all expect either a 0
> or 1 return value (1 meaning an EOF was encountered).
> I'll keep plugging at it, but if anyone else has some bright ideas...

good news here as well: Backingstore is done now (Xfree4.0.2, KDE2)!
I have *removed* the "backingstore on" in XF86Config, restarted X.

Now I definitly like the GRASS Monitor. We have tested on Linux KDE1 as
well successfully.

Seems that sockets are a must for 5.0.0

Further kudos to you,


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