[GRASS5] VASKLIB problem

William L. Baker BakerWL at uwyo.edu
Mon Feb 12 17:53:13 EST 2001

Anyone had any problem with modules using VASKLIB?
My r.le.setup program worked fine under GRASS4.3.

Now after the V_ code, when the user has hit esc-return,
the screen freezes with the cursor in the upper-left corner.
The return values from the V_ code do get passed along
OK to subsequent code, but nothing happens because of 
the screen freeze.

Could be a problem in my own code after the V_ section,
but I can't isolate the problem there.  

In the old 4.3 version, the Gmakefile used VASK, but I 
have fixed that up to just use VASKLIB as in the updated
Gmakefiles in beta 11.

Any ideas?

Bill Baker

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