[GRASS5] nviz-bug

Helena Mitasova - staff helena at gis.uiuc.edu
Sat Feb 3 19:34:52 EST 2001

Bill and Jaro,
(I am sending this to developers list too, in case that 
somebody would like to look at it) 

which version of GRASS do you have ?
It appears that the nviz bug is in beta8 and
later versions (Justin  tried it on SGi
and Bob reports it too), but not in the older versions.
I put a small test DEM at (approx 300x200)
(Bill you can find it in location hood, mapset helena as sel.80)
and 3 images together with the nviz state files
so you can view it exactly as I did. Please check
whether you will see the same problem in your older versions
of nviz.

the images and state files are:

hoodeltest1.gif hoodel1.state this one has the masked-out areas quite visible
hoodeltest2.gif hoodel2.state this one is OK
hoodeltest3.gif hoodel3.state this one has the masked areas only as black points

As for r3.showdspf, the p option which draws walls of the box obviously 
does not work - this  option reads from the grid3 file rather than
dspf file which is used by isosurface so it appears that the grid3 part
is broken. For GRASS5.0 this can be considered lack of functionality but
it would be useful to solve it for 5.1

Jaro, I think that Markus has resolved the vis5d, grid3 problem.


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