[GRASS5] Proposal for new Makefile

Justin Hickey jhickey at hpcc.nectec.or.th
Tue Jan 30 02:32:37 EST 2001

Hi Eric

"Eric G . Miller" wrote:
> Which features are you thinking of?  VPATH ?  I'm not against it, but 
> I wouldn't want to see it as a requirement unless there are some
> pretty good reasons.

I've just started looking at GNU Make since Eric Mitchell's new Makefile
uses it, so I'm no expert. The features I did find that I thought would
be useful are
 o  exit rule (or even exit make) on error - VERY useful since most Make
 	programs do not exit on error unless there is only one command
	for the rule - would clean up current Makefile by eliminating
	real-* targets which are hacks
 o  VPATH as you mentioned
 o  $(MAKE) -C subdir for recursive make
 o  ability to include other makefiles with single directive
 o  parallel execution
 o  several functions for text and command manipulation (join, subst,
	sort, strip, etc)
 o  conditional statements (if's) - can be used in both variable
	assignment and rules
 o  no conflicts between platforms since all platforms would run gmake

These are just some of the ones that caught my eye. Most of these can
probably be done without GNU Make, but GNU Make does seem to make it
look a lot easier than a regular Makefile.

> We, of course, will want to also use libtool. No?

Again, I'm not familiar with libtool, but the short blurb I read says it
helps maintain shared libraries, so I don't see why we shouldn't use it. 


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