[GRASS5] XDRIVER problem

Malcolm Blue mblue at nb.sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 25 19:48:01 EST 2001


Those messages are printed after checking the fifo files.  I haven't
seen or used 3Dx1 before, but this is defined in etc/monitorcap, I
presume.  I would suggest that you check that the dev/ directory and the
entry in etc/monitorcap for 3Dx1 and/or x1 and make sure that the files
pointed to in monitorcap exist in the dev directory.  Also make sure
that the FIFO file is really a FIFO file, it should show up in a long
directory listing as prw-rw-rw- .


Radim Blazek wrote:

> Hi,
> I have some problems with XDRIVER:
> GRASS:~ > d.mon start=3Dx1
> using default visual which is TrueColor
> Visual is read-only or using a private colormap
> ncolors: 32768
> allocating memory...
> Graphics driver [x1] started
> Please start graphics monitor <x1>.
> Error - Graphics monitor <x1> not running!
> (But monitor window is opened)
> GRASS:~ > d.mon select=3Dx1
> Please start graphics monitor <x1>.
> Error - Graphics monitor <x1> not running!    =
> One week old version seems to work well.
> I have similar problem on two computers.
> The source is fresh from CVS. (Linux RH6, KDE1)
> Radim
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