[GRASS5] d.vect cutting algorithm?

Johansen Per Henrik per.henrik.johansen at norgit.no
Thu Jan 25 06:50:44 EST 2001


I am having some difficulties when trying to join several vector layers into
a raster file; GRASS will not draw vectors (polygons work fine) at the n
leftmost and/or n rightmost pixels of the image. 

I use the d.area command to draw polygons and d.vect to draw lines (roads
etc, d.area does not seem to handle unclosed polygons). d.vect seems to cut
off lines that stretches beyond the edge of the image. Is this a known
problem or am I missing out on something?

An image that illustrate my point (roads and streams near the left edge is
cut off) might be found at:

It is generated with the following GRASS commands:

g.region n=4928226 s=4911624 e=612344 w=593807;
d.mon start=PNG
d.mon select=PNG
d.area map=fields fillcolor=green linecolor=black
d.vect map=roads color=red
d.vect map=streams color=blue
d.mon stop=PNG;

The PNG is a graphics driver I have implemented, but I get the same result
when using the CELL driver.


Per Henrik

Per Henrik Johansen
Norgit AS, http://www.norgit.no 

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