[GRASS5] Using GRASS in teaching

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Tue Jan 16 05:08:03 EST 2001

On Mon, Jan 15, 2001 at 06:16:12PM +0000, Dr.Michael Francis wrote:
> I am a relative newcomer to both GRASS and Linux. However, the little I 
> have seen of both Linux and GRASS has interested me a great deal. 

Welcome to the world of free GIS. :)

> In September 2001, we shall be starting a new Bsc course in GIS
> and I plan to use GRASS 5. This will be the first time a) Linux is
> being used in the Gulf countries, and b) GRASS is being used in
> the same region. I am based at a University in Dubai in the United
> Arab Emirates. So, although this may be the wrong list for me to
> send this email but, you seem to be the knowledgable people regarding GRASS. 

Yes, this is the GRASS development list with a lot of knowledge

> OK - my question is really a simple  one. 
> Now that I have decided to go ahead and design the course based on 
> Linux/GRASS, I need to know what version I should use, and how to go 
> about it. Are there any books around? Literature? Papers? Anything?? I 
> would bge grateful for any advice.

Markus already answered the question about the online courses and
papers in a different mail. (Did you already get it?)

I try to elaborate on the version to use.
This decision will largely depend on the computer skills you have at hand.
Going for GRASS version 5 is probably the right thing.
This version has beta quality but can be considered more stable and
complete than the GRASS 4 versions overall.

If you do not want to mess with getting CVS versions yourself and
fixing bugs you can get the rpm from the freegis-cd at:

This includes (GRASS5beta8) but does not have the latest bug-fixes and no nviz.
But it is easy to install and hand out to your students at home.
It might be enough.

If you know a bit about Linux and how to compile programs under
Linux, you can get the beta10 or CVS version and fix them up to have
the stuff running stable you need. Beta10 and current CVS contain
more bugfixes and a nicer interface, but you will definatly need
some unix knowledge and track the version numbers more closely.

We all hope that we get a stable beta11 release soon, but as always
with free software: Do not hold you breath for it. ;->


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