[GRASS5] Using GRASS in teaching

Dr.Michael Francis michael.francis at zu.ac.ae
Mon Jan 15 13:16:12 EST 2001

Dear friends,
I am a relative newcomer to both GRASS and Linux. However, the little I 
have seen of both Linux and GRASS has interested me a great deal. In 
September 2001, we shall be starting a new Bsc course in GIS and I plan 
to use GRASS 5. This will be the first time a) Linux is being used in the 
Gulf countries, and b) GRASS is being used in the same region. I am based 
at a University in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. So, although this 
may be the wrong list for me to send this email but, you seem to be the 
knowledgable people regarding GRASS. OK - my question is really a simple 
one. Now that I have decided to go ahead and design the course based on 
Linux/GRASS, I need to know what version I should use, and how to go 
about it. Are there any books around? Literature? Papers? Anything?? I 
would bge grateful for any advice.
Many thanks,
Mike Francis

Dr. Michael Francis, 
Associate Professor of Information Systems,
Zayed University,
PO Box 19282, Dubai,  
Tel: +97142082466, Fax: +97142648681
E-mail: michael.francis at zu.ac.ae
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