[GRASS5] configure-problem on linux and irix

Justin Hickey jhickey at hpcc.nectec.or.th
Tue Jan 9 00:07:27 EST 2001

Hi Eric

> > I found what is causing the problem. The line it refers to is
> >
> > if test $tkincdir && test -z $HAVE_TK_H ; then
> >
> > and $HAVE_TK_H is empty at that point. I don't know why it is empty 
> > but this is what is causing the error.
> Ahh, yes.  Someone other than myself commented out the portion of
> configure.in that would've set that variable...  Will fix.

Sorry, but I still get the error message after updating configure.in,
running autoconf, removing config.cache, and running configure. My
experience has been that variables somtimes need to be inside "" to work
as expected on some systems. What about trying "$HAVE_TK_H"?


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