[GRASS5] grass5.1 directories proposal

Justin Hickey jhickey at hpcc.nectec.or.th
Mon Jan 8 02:19:44 EST 2001

Hi Andreas

Andreas Lange wrote:
> Right-mouse click activates a menue that shows the functions to 
> operate on the selected data/file, e. g. :
> raster in mapset:
> - display
> - analyse
> - interpolate
> - resample
> - project to...
> - export/convert
> (every function would require a sort of automatic log-in to the GRASS
> location/mapset before executing the function/opening the window)
> tiff file in home directory:
> - import to new location (from world file)
> - import to existing location
> etc. etc.
> With a setup similar to this the import/export could be made much
> simpler without rewriting every module and/or writing a monolithic
> "exchange" program. Every programmer could concentrate on the file
> format he knows best.

Interesting idea.

> ..
> >      /formats
> >         /dlg    : library to manage DLG files
> >         /sdts   : library to manage SDTS files (was: src.contrib/..)
> >         /sgirgb : library to manage SGIs RGB-format (was: libimage)
> here one level would be ok, e.g. /lib/dlg, /lib/sdts etc.

That would be fine if we only have a few, but if we have more in the
future, I'd prefer to group them together. Just my opinion though.

> ..
> >        /plugins      (keeps external libs)
> >           /bwidget : tcl/tk extra library
> >           /gdal    : GDAL raster lib
> >           /gdbm    : database support for GRASS (or Berkeley DB)
> >           /libgrassio: GRASS import/export lib from Frank Warmerdam
> >           /proj    : PROJ 4.x library from Frank Warmerdam et al.
> >           /shapelib: SHAPE support lib from Frank Warmerdam
> external libs could be provided in external location (/usr/local/lib
> etc) if they are unchanged.

But these are under our source tree. Are you suggesting we don't offer
these libraries and have the user install them separately?

Just my 2 cents worth.


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