[GRASS5] Non-HTML: Grass on CYGWIN/WIN32 - IPC Version Status Update

Malcolm Blue mblue at nb.sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 4 18:41:27 EST 2001

Oops,  I sent that as HTML mail, which some readers may not like.

Malcolm Blue wrote:

> Good news and bad news...
> GOOD (for WinNT users):
> 1.  Looks like I'm over the major hurdles in the IPC code.  I have
> several changes to send to the maintainer, but I am able to get the
> IPC Message Queues to connect/send/receive/disconnect.  (Still more to
> do: clean up code a bit,  increase the number of queues and increase
> message buffer sizes look like the first priority, but these should be
> simple changes.)
> 2.  d.mon programs (start, select, stop) are working for me, as well
> as a VERY limited set of display commands on WinNT.  I still have some
> minor clean up and testing to do to make sure they are ready for
> testing by others.
> 3. d.erase and d.zoom seem to work.  d.erase erased the little that
> drew with d.rast, and d.zoom did a proper zoom for the little band of
> pixels that d.rast created (see below), with a cursor, the zoom
> "rubber band" box and the coordinates and prompts in the command
> window were in sync with the graphics window operations.  Probably a
> number of other commands will work as well.
> In order to run "d.mon select" without code changes, I had to remove
> the "#ifndef _CYGWIN_"  and "#endif" statements that were in the
> switch statement in
> src/display/devices/XDRIVER/XDRIVER24/ipc.new/switcher.c , i.e.
> sandwiching the FONT and TEXT case blocks.  Does anyone know why these
> cases were being excluded?  Is this a relic from the old XFree port?
> These blocks of code seem to compile fine, and the "case FONT" code
> block works with the recent XFree release for Cygwin.  I think this
> should be changed for both the original (fifo) version and the ipc
> version.
> BAD:
> 1. Limited success with the d.rast command.  It only seems to draw the
> NULL's.  Using the Spearfish sample data, I did:
>      d.rast soils bg=yellow    - it draws a yellow band near the
>      bottom of the X0 monitor window (several pixels wide and the
>      width of the window).
>      d.rast soils bg=white     - it draws a white band where the
>      yellow band was.
>      d.rast streams bg=red    - it draws a red band over the
>      bottom part of the white band
>      From these and additional tests I am guessing that just the
>      NULL pixels are being drawn.  Does this sound right?
>      BTW: It was based on this limited result that I was able to
>      test d.erase and d.zoom
> 2.  d.vect, d.sites and d.legend  all hang up.  They had to be killed
> from a separate window.
> 3.  Win98 did not work.  The IPC code by itself tested OK, but the
> d.mon commands were hanging up.  WinNT was used for the limited
> successes above.
> I will keep looking at the IPC code and do the minor changes I
> mentioned above.  I also plan to keep on looking into the d.rast
> problems to see if I can get this working.  Suggestions are welcome.
> Malcolm

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