[GRASS5] grass5.1 directories proposal

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Tue Jan 2 10:40:27 EST 2001

Happy new year to all developers!

As grass5.1 shall take off as soon as possible, we should start the
directory structure debate. My draft proposal is looking like this:


# core includes libs, docs, import/export and basic modules:
    /core                 (the GRASS basic package)
	/include	: global include files

	/lib		  (read src/libes/README for further design comments)
	    /bitmap     : bitmap library for X Window Bitmaps
	    /btree      : binary tree library
	    /coorcnv    : coordinate conversion and datum support library
	    /datetime   : DateTime library
	    /dbmi       : database management interface database drivers
	    /display    : display lib (was: D/ )
		/cell   : CELL driver (was: display/)
		/digitizer: raw library for general digitizer support
		/htmlmap: HTMLMAP driver
		/paint  : paint library (from paint/ )
		/xdriver: XDRIVER
	    /dspf       : G3D display files library
		/dlg    : library to manage DLG files
		/sdts   : library to manage SDTS files (was: src.contrib/..)
		/sgirgb : library to manage SGIs RGB-format (was: libimage)
	    /fonts      : hershey fonts
	    /front.end  : cmd/inter frontend
	    /g3d        : G3D raster volume library
	    /geom	: geometrical calculations... (will be detri)
	    /gis        : main GRASS library (remove import/export routines)
	    /gmath      : generic mathematical functions (to BLAS/LAPACK libs)
	    /ibtree     : integer clone of btree lib (needed?)
	    /icon       : icon library (required for PS/Paint)
	    /imagery    : imagery library including image3 extra library
	    /init       : GRASS startup (was: src/general/init/ )
	    /java       : GRASS JAVA support (was src.garden/grass.java/ )
	    /linkm      : linked list memory manager
	    /lock       : locking mechanism for GRASS monitors and files
	    /ogsf       : ported gsurf library (required for NVIZ)
	    /plugins      (keeps external libs)
		/bwidget : tcl/tk extra library
		/gdal    : GDAL raster lib
		/gdbm    : database support for GRASS (or Berkeley DB)
		/libgrassio: GRASS import/export lib from Frank Warmerdam
		/proj    : PROJ 4.x library from Frank Warmerdam et al.
		/shapelib: SHAPE support lib from Frank Warmerdam
	    /raster     : GRASS raster library
	    /rowio      : row in/out library  
	    /rst_gmsl   : library for interpolation with reg. splines w.t.
	    /segment    : segment library
	    /sites      : GRASS sites library (extract from gis/ )
	    /testsuite  : testsuite
	    /vask       : Curses management library
	    /vector     : GRASS vector library
		/Vlib     : portable GRASS vector functions
		/dig_atts : library to read and write from attribute files
		/diglib   : more GRASS vector functions
		/georef   : Imagery Georeferencing Programs
		/libes    : transformations from one coord. system to another  


	/exchange    (import/export modules)
		/r.arc  (contains r.in.arc/r.out.arc)
	    /scripts    (move import/export scripts here from global scripts)

#now a set of basic modules follows:









#now topic-oriented packages follow:

# vis-package:



	/generic (db.* driver improved by Radim)

    /g3d  (was: src.contrib/GMSL/g3d)


    /vector (was: mapdev)



Note: Useful modules from src.contrib section shall be merged into
      directory structure.

  - core-package: shall we move the "/lib/plugins" to "/plugins" ?
  - shall we keep the unused directory?

 - the number of import/export modules scripts needs to be heavily reduced.
   At time there are 92 tools for import/export/tape analysis...

 - Idea: The raster database structure should be changed to the G3D
   structure: all files related to a raster map should go into one
   directory. Currently many files are spreaded in many directories.
   An example for the G3D data structure can be found here:
   http://www.geog.uni-hannover.de/grass/grid3d/index.html (sample dataset)

Comments are welcome!


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