[GRASS5] r.le in GRASS-5?

William L. Baker bakerwl at uwyo.edu
Wed Jul 4 12:39:50 EDT 2001

Hello Rich and others,

I am indeed working on a version of r.le for
GRASS 5.  I have a version of r.le.patch and
r.le.pixel that seem to run fine.  The only
serious remaining bug is in r.le.setup.  I wrote
to the programmer's list about this one a couple
of months ago, but no-one had a solution.  Until
I can solve this one, r.le.setup is unusable.

I also have not yet tested all the parts of r.le.patch
and r.le.pixel to see that the output numbers are

So, there is some work yet to do before I can
release the new version.

Right now I am in the field, checking email only
every few days.  When I return to Laramie in early
August I hope to make more progress.

Sorry for the slow revision, but it is still on
my list to be completed.

Bill Baker

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On Wed, 4 Jul 2001, Markus Neteler wrote:

> William Baker (http://www.uwyo.edu/geog/faculty/baker.html) has been
> working on it, however, I don't know if the update is finished.
> He may answer this questions,

  Thanks, Markus. I know that Bill developed this originally, but I did not
know if it was still alive and breathing. I have a need to use it in a
project, so I'll wait for more information.


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