[GRASS5] r.le in GRASS-5?

Michel Wurtz mw at teledetection.fr
Thu Jul 5 13:20:35 EDT 2001

Markus Neteler wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 10:39:50AM -0600, William L. Baker wrote:
> > Hello Rich and others,
> >
> > I am indeed working on a version of r.le for
> > GRASS 5.  I have a version of r.le.patch and
> > r.le.pixel that seem to run fine.  The only
> > serious remaining bug is in r.le.setup.  I wrote
> > to the programmer's list about this one a couple
> > of months ago, but no-one had a solution.  Until
> > I can solve this one, r.le.setup is unusable.
> Here is the old mail (I think so):
> http://www.geog.uni-hannover.de/mailinglisten/grass5/archive/2000/12/17/7
> http://www.geog.uni-hannover.de/mailinglisten/grass5/archive/2000/12/18/1

And one more time, it's a null file related problem... It seems that a
good null values management is becomming an urgent need.
BTW, nobody commented my last proposal, which either means that everybody
agrees or that I'm way off out out of topic ;-)

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