[GRASS5] compiling on IRIX 6.5 with gcc 3.0

Andreas Lange Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de
Mon Nov 5 17:07:30 EST 2001

Hi Glynn, Hi all,

good news: GRASS now compiles out of the box on IRIX 6.5 (with one
exception, see below).

I used the the following configure line:
./configure \
--with-postgres \
--with-libs=/usr/freeware/lib32 \
--with-includes=/usr/freeware/include \
--with-odbc-libs=/usr/local/lib \
--with-odbc-includes=/usr/local/include \
--with-fftw-libs=/usr/local/lib \
--with-fftw-includes=/usr/local/include \
--with-blas=no \
--with-lapack=no \
#--with-freetype-libs=/usr/local/lib \

freetype is not installed properly, so i could not compile. 

There is a file "config.h" in /usr/freeware/include, which breaks the
compiling of the gis lib. If i rename this file, the postgresql modules
no longer compile. But i consider this a bug of the postgresql
installation on IRIX. If i rename the file to the original config.h the
postgresql modules compile. 

I'll do some testing in the next days, but will report only failure of
modules, not success.
If there is interest in the binary tarball, please tell me. The
compressed binary package is approx. 50 MB _after_ stripping. But i
think that the binary distribution should be compiled with the SGI MIPS
PRO compiler to get more optimized binaries. 



Andreas Lange, 65187 Wiesbaden, Germany, Tel. +49 611 807850
url: http://mitglied.tripod.de/AndreasLange
mail: Andreas.Lange_at_Rhein-Main.de - A.C.Lange_at_GMX.net

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