[GRASS5] Re: GRASS Developers meeting 11/2001, Trento

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Wed Nov 7 11:13:16 EST 2001

Dear Developers,

it is time to finalize the upcoming GRASS Developers Workshop here
at Trento, Italy. As requested by some participants, we have
condensed the workshop to two days:

 GRASS Developers Workshop
 23./24. November 2001

I have to finalize the budget these days, therefore I need the
definite confirmation of the participants. Fundings are provided 
by ITC-irst, we want to support your travel and accomodation.
The approximate support is as follows:

                          [All amounts in Euro]
                      Approximately   Approximately
 Participants from    Travel funds    Accommodation funds (3 nights)
  Italy			25		150
  Europe		180		150
  Overseas		1000		150

Additionally lunch for Friday, a Social Dinner Friday evening and
sandwiches on Saturday are provided.

We want to provide the funds as fixed amount, the booking for the
hotel and the plane/trains/buses has to be done personally.
On the web page you find related links and FAX numbers. The hotels
offer prize reduction, please mention "ITC-irst" when booking.
In case of questions, please let me know.

The participants who want to get funded are requested to give a talk on
their favourite topic in terms of GRASS 5.1 design and development.
It would be helpful to receive a short abstract in advance to finalize
the schedule for the workshop.

Please send your confirmation as soon as possible to me.

Looking forward to meet you here in Trento,

 Markus Neteler

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