[GRASS5] Bugracker

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu Nov 8 10:54:44 EST 2001

Just took a look at the bugtracker again.
Still we should utilise it more, thus I write this nice reminder.

There are about 15 unclassified entries, 
which probably are bugs but some could be wishes.

About 37 bugs have not been touched for over half a year.
It does not seem likely that we do not have any update information.
So please have a look at if you have updated information enter them
or a pointer to them into the bugtracker.
This might be important for people who reported so they
can give more details.

We do not use priorities and assignments yet.

	Markus: If you know if the bugs are in somebodies
	working area, you could start to assign bugs to them?
	Well the developer in question can of course does not
	need to keep ownership of the bug or fix it themself,
	just to give a bit of guidance.

	We should just start using priorities for bugs and wishes.
	I think a rule of thump is that wishes should be 
	lower as bugs.

	We could also have a rule of thump up to when bugs should be
	fixed for next immediate releases and give them priorities over 70.

If we cannot recreate a bug, we should put it on stalled.
If we release a new version these bug reporters should be contacted
and the bug closed if they cannot recreate the bug a second time
with the new version.

It is so good to see bugs squashed bugtracker. 
It documents the nice work of the development team.


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