[GRASS5] standards

Roger S. Miller rgrmill at rt66.com
Sun Nov 11 13:03:28 EST 2001


I'm writing a couple routines to support the USGS MODFLOW ground water
model under GRASS 5.0.  So far this is just a command to create a raster
file from the contents of MODFLOW Well, Drain or River input files and
another to create a raster file from binary head or drawdown files. 
Creating raster files from binary cell-by-cell flow files is a fairly
simple extension.

If these routines are generally useful I would be glad to have them
incorporated in GRASS.  I won't release them otherwise, because I don't
want to do 3rd party support.

I have three questions.

First, is has anyone already done this?

Second is with the C-standard that can be most dependably used in
GRASS.  What I've written so far uses ANSI-C and ISO standard
functions.  I avoided functions that aren't covered in one of those two
standards.  Which standards can be most dependably be used in GRASS?

Third is with testing material.  MODFLOW is a FORTRAN program, and its
binary output files use an internal structure that is generally unique
to the compiler with which the program is compiled.  I use g77, so I
have no problem testing my work with g77 files.  Probably most of the
people in my industry use Lahey fortran, but I only have one example of
a MODFLOW binary file from a version compiled with Lahey.  Is there
anyone out there who can send me a MODFLOW binary output file from a
version compiled with Lahey?

Roger Miller

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