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Bob Covill bcovill at tekmap.ns.ca
Fri Nov 30 13:58:12 EST 2001

Helena Mitasova wrote:
> Kevin Slover wrote:
> > I posted this to the GRASS list, but thought I might give this list a
> > shot as well...
> > I am limited in my tcl/tk programming experience...and am looking for
> > a way to change the defaults in some of the NVIZ menus.  My problem is
> > that I am trying to display a vector only on a raster with value=0,
> > and overlaying a raster of actual data values.  The problem is that
> > each time I use draw, the "display on surface(s):" is reset to
> > default, which has all surfaces chosen...and I would like to change
> > this so that I am forced to choose...
> > can someone help??  Thanks....
> >
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> Markus, Bob,
> can you confirm this for the latest version of NVIZ - I have this
> problem too, it appears to be a bug,
> it can get pretty tough to deal with - I had 7 surfaces and wanted to
> drape vectors only on a single one
> and it always got it back to draping it on all, so after each redraw I
> had to switch the drape on the 6 surfaces.
> Also when looking at drapingwould it be easy enough to have it drape the
> vectors a little bit above the surfce -
> it would be invisible but it would ensure that the lines are all visible
> (in SG3d it was an option )
> thank you
> Helena
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Helena, Kevin;

I just checked my version of NVIZ for the situation you describe. 

When a vector is loaded it is automatically set to draw on all available
surfaces. You can however go into the vector menu (Panels -> Vectors)
and change this. From the vector menu select the vector file in question
(there is a pull-down menu beside "Current: ".  With the vector selected
you will see a list of "Display on Surface(s)".  From there you should
be able to turn off the surfaces you do not want the vector displayed
on. The check button should be "un" highlighted to turn the surface off.

If this feature is not working for you then we definitely have a

Hopefully I have not misunderstood the problem.
Bob Covill

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