[GRASS5] nviz defaults

Bob Covill bcovill at tekmap.ns.ca
Fri Nov 30 14:26:17 EST 2001

Kevin Slover wrote:
> Bob,
> What you are describing I understand...in further exploration...I discovered that
> each time the vector menu was refreshed (i.e. switched between vector to raster to
> vector)..the vector would automatically be displayed on all surfaces present.  Try
> this:
> open two rasters..then open a vector...change the display on surface to only
> display on one of the rasters.  Now, simply refresh the vector menu (i.e. choose
> vectors under the Panel menu) and see if both rasters are chosen under display on
> surface...it appears as if each time the vector menu script is invoked, it changes
> to the defaults (i.e. all surfaces chosen).
> This, on a different issue, to the whole grass list:
> when first displaying a raster at times, it is not properly displayed.  It is not
> exaggerated right and most of the times does not even display in the window.  I can
> usually get around this by pushing the reset button.  however, it appears that if
> you have more than one raster open it will hang up...
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I just confirmed what you are saying. It appears that nviz does not pick
up any previously set surface settings when re-opening the vector menu.
It simply re-selects all available surfaces.

This is definitely a bug and should be cleaned up.

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