[GRASS5] probs with i.points

Heiko Kehlenbrink heiko.kehlenbrink at vermes.fh-oldenburg.de
Thu Oct 4 03:16:56 EDT 2001

Hi Markus!

Markus Neteler wrote:

> Well, since you are working in an xy-location, how can your images
> overlap?

I'm working in 1 xy-location but i have created 2 mapsets , let us call them import and
In import i've got  9 aerial images, in "mosaik" the left 1 wich becomes the origin of the
target system in
the transformation.

> Generally: It is much more recommended to use i.ortho.photo to
> rectify aerial images. Only then the results will be really accurate.

Yeah, i'm thinking of that too,  but i don't have a dem , only a bunch of about 8 points
with gk-koordinates and heights from
wich i can identify 4 in the image.
Should i interpolate a "dem" out of them or creat a plain dummie-dem with r.mapcalc using a
mean height for example?

Best Regards


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