[GRASS5] Terminology: Free Software

Robert Lagacé lagace at echo.grr.ulaval.ca
Tue Oct 9 17:36:39 EDT 2001

Interesting discussion.

Just a few word and a suggestion.

Nothing is free, it always cost something or take some time or energy. 
Do not forget the old maxime "there is no free lunch".

The expression "free software" is probably used more often (and also 
misused).  I like the french expression "logiciel libre".  "libre" 
is related to freedom not "no cost".  But the debate could not 
probably be solve by discussion.  So, I suggest a modification 
to the Bernhard description (or someting simuilar).

        GRASS is Free Software based on open source, giving you 
        the freedom to unlimited use, modifcation and distribution 
        of the source and binary.

Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Helena,
> thanks for your perspective.
> As I wrote, I am well aware of the implications and the different
> arguments.
> It is my hope to not repeat the debate in full length here.
> Still weigthing all arguments for myself I find that talking about
> Free Software might be a good idea so I recommend it.
> My mail is to find out how other developers like you feel about this.
> There are also several in-between-solutions possible.
> Some education about the freedom to modify and use
> is always needed, so we might as well include the term
> in a non persuative way.
>         GRASS a nice GIS [insert catchy headline for powerful GIS tool]!
>          GRASS is also Free Software, giving you the freedom
>          to unlimited use, modifcation and distribution of the
>          source and binary.
> Bernhard
> On Tue, Oct 09, 2001 at 12:23:56PM -0500, Helena wrote:
> > I would like to offer a little bit different perspective - I just got home
> > and started to open all junk mail that we get daily. Almost all of it
> > has something free (those who live in US know what I am talking about).
> > We are so much flooded here with Free stuff as an integral part of
> > marketing that I just have the word FREE firmly conected in my
> > mind with somebody trying to sell me something
> [snip]
> > So, without knowing what is going on between the free and open
> > software people and all the bad stuff around Eric Raymond,  I
> > really liked the term based on Open, because it is not as
> > pervasive and widespread marketing tool as the Free stuff.  Open
> > software somehow more evokes the term Open society, but all of
> > this is strictly my personal opinion. So while in some parts of
> > the world and in some communities changing to Free software may
> > lower the chance of misunderstanding and it means going back to
> > the roots of the movement, it may increase the misunderstanding
> > elswhere.
> [snip]
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