[GRASS5] CVS tag documentation (was: difficulties with r.proj)

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Tue Oct 30 10:34:21 EST 2001

Hi Carl,

On Mon, Oct 29, 2001 at 01:01:10PM -0500, Carl Worth wrote:
> Markus Neteler writes:
>  > I would be glad if you send the grasscvstags.html page improved/updated
>  > to me (either html or plain text pieces). I know that it is still
>  > confusing (and I know that I prefer not to have branches in grass51/),
>  > but I need assistance to get grasscvstags.html really useful.
> Perhaps just a simple paragraph at the top of the page, entitled "How
> branches are used within GRASS", or maybe "CVS branches and the GRASS
> development cycle". I'll try to put a paragraph together, but I'm sure
> to get it wrong as I am still a bit confused about how this works in
> the current model. See the end of my message for one take on this.
> Much of my confusion may have resulted from the fact that I became
> acquainted with GRASS in the middle of an (exceptionally long?)
> release feature freeze, (which should likely be considered complete
> now as discussed in previous threads).

Sorry for this confusion... In fact the release feature freeze is
exceptionally long. Therefore we'll use the Linux Kernel numbering
scheme for 5.1.
> I'm also confused about the existence as grass51 in a separate
> directory/module in CVS. Are CVS tags and branches not sufficient for
> distinguishing between experimental/stable versions of the code? Why
> incorporate a version number into a top-level directory name like
> this?

Well, the reason is that grass51/ requires a complete change of the
directory layout. It would be a pain to do this in CVS. Therefore
we start more or less from scratch in a fresh CVS tree, which
already exists (containing the new 5.1 vector library).
[thanks for the text piece, added to

I have again slightly modified that page. Is it somewhat
better now?


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