[GRASS5] GRASS terminology revisited

Helena hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Sun Sep 9 17:41:30 EDT 2001


Since there is a lot of confusion about category numbers and category
   labels, we suggest for 5.1 to change these two terms to common GIS
   vocabulary for GRASS 5.1:

         5.0              5.1
    category number  ->  index           # numeric
    category label   ->  attribute       # text

I believe that this will create an even bigger confusion than what we
have now -
all over GRASS documentation we have attribute as numeric value, FP, or
Integer or
as a text (label). We would have to change a lot of documentation and
descriptions to change the meaning of attribute to text (if that is what
you mean by the above)
Text is most of the time called label. I think that category number
and category label is quite clear. I have a bigger problem with terms
class, category,
attribute, value, which are all numbers. E.g. is the number representing

a class equivalent to category, but different from attribute? e.g.
category has attributes
which can be a numerical attribute (value?) or a character string
I have mostly avoided working with classes and categories and worked
with values
so maybe I am asking stupid questions here, but it would be useful to
have this clarified
for first time users.

Anyway, I suggest to minimize any changes to terminology if at all
possible for 5.1
because it will be a nightmare to revisit the manual pages, and old
papers, tutorials and
other documents may become quite confusing.


Neteler wrote:

> Hi all,
> since there is partly some confusion in GRASS terminology,
> I have added the file
>  html/terminology.html
> to the CVS. Also available here:
> http://grass.itc.it/gdp/html_grass5/terminology.html
> It contains a small number of terms (to be extended) which
> shall be explained to the users - maybe also to us. I would
> be glad to receive comments/corrections/improvements.
> It also contains a suggestion for 5.1 terminology (agreed with
> Radim and David for vectors).
> Thanks,
>  Markus
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