[GRASS5] r.transect ... problem?

Alessandro Frigeri geoalf at libero.it
Mon Dec 2 16:06:03 EST 2002


I used r.transect for the first time few days ago.  I had some problems,
no output and an error message asking for parameters not recognised
directly by r.transect:

GRASS:~/progetti > r.transect map=dem.tmp result=raw line=10,10,45,100
ERROR: Either -i flag and/or profile parameter must be used.
GRASS:~/progetti > 

Reading the code I saw that r.transect is based on r.profile so it seems
that -i flag and profile parameters requested are coming from r.profile

The output given above is from yesterday's CVS of grass5.0.1 compiled on
a PC running Debian GNU/Linux.  

I wonder if it's my fault or a problem in the code.

Thanks in advance,


Alessandro Frigeri <geoalf at libero.it>

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