[GRASS5] G3D libraries notation

Alfonso Vitti alfonso.vitti at ing.unitn.it
Tue Dec 3 07:39:29 EST 2002

I am working on the g3d libraries to findout and fix some of the

here one source of confusion in the g3d libs:
the G3d_getValueRegion function (for example) is defined as:

   G3d_getValueRegion (map, row, col, depth, value, type);
                            \   /
but called as:               \ /
                             / \
   G3d_getValueRegion (map, x, y, z, (char *)n1p, typeIntern)

the problem is that in matrix notation you work using "rows" and "cols",
while in cartesian notation "x" and then "y" are used.
The idea is to rewrite the functions, which now use the "x-y" notation,
to make them follow the "rows-cols" notation.

If anybody has some different idea or suggestion please let me known!

Alfonso Vitti

Departement of Civil and Environmental Engineering 
University of Trento -Italy-

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