[GRASS5] Can't compile CVS version on solaris 8 - undefined symbols

Scott W Mitchell smitch at eos.geog.utoronto.ca
Fri Dec 20 08:41:21 EST 2002

OK, thanks again to you, and to Eric Miller, that was indeed all that 
was needed.  So I had the sockets library "by accident" last time, but 
now I've explicitly requested it and the missing modules are compiling.


Scott Mitchell

On Friday, December 20, 2002, at 08:06 AM, Glynn Clements wrote:

> Scott W Mitchell wrote:
>> Short version:  how come my grass 5.0.1-cvs compile on solaris can't
>> find the socket functions ?
> The most probable cause is that the socket functions aren't in libc,
> but in some other library. A library which was previously being linked
> by coincidence, but isn't any more. The build mechanism doesn't have a
> specific symbol, e.g. $(SOCKETLIB), for socket-using code, so if the
> socket functions aren't in libc, you just have to hope that the
> necessary libraries get linked in for some other reason (e.g. due to
> $(XDRLIB)).

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