[GRASS5] [bug #911] (grass) make Grass51 on Solaris8

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Thu Feb 7 15:33:15 EST 2002

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Subject: make Grass51 on Solaris8

Platform: Sun Solaris 8
grass downloaded at: Trento site
grass binary for platform: I compiled the sources myself
grass sources source: yes, I am using the latest GRASS from CVS, 2/7 snapshot
c compiler name: gcc

I am using the 2/7/02 snapshot of grass51 with grass5.0 pre3.  My commands are indented:
	cd /leo2/Grass5/pre3/grass51
	./configure --with-grass50=/leo2/Grass5/pre3/grass
	make mix
make: Fatal error in reader: ../include/Make/Rules.make, line 9: Unexpected end of line seen
Current working directory /leo2/Grass5/pre3/grass51/lib
*** Error code 1

It got past this error when I commented out the three lines at "ifndef LOCAL_HEADERS".  But then it complained about Lib.make.  It didn't like the three lines at the ifndef or the ARCH_LIB_OBJS line.  The error message was always the same (Unexpected end of line seen).

The make I am using is /usr/ccs/bin/make.

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